Welcome to The Calthorpe Project

Growth and Change: the documentary that follows 30 years of the Calthorpe Project.
Our thanks to Ruth Cebrian for her creativity and hard work!
Weekend Activities for children and young people April, May & June
Contact point – Tuesday April 21sr, 12noon – 2pm.

Talk to Molly our Kings Cross Police Community Support Office about local issues.

Carless Boot Sale – Starts Sunday May 3rd.  carless boot 2015
Anaerobic Digestion - A revolutionary new composting system

Click here for further information Our digester is now up and running processing 50 – 60 kilos of food waste weekly turning it into liquid fertilizer and biogas.  In no time at all we’ll have enough gas to boil the kettle for our volunteers to make tea. 

Click on the link to watch a 25 minute video made by the London City Farms & Community Gardens


Association https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lHGYWixlB80

Weekly programme of activities

What we do

People from all cultural and diverse backgrounds participate and enrich our activities. Our volunteer and training programme helps people learn new skills, provides opportunity for social interaction and outdoor exercise as well as offering horticultural training for adults with learning difficulties. Environmental and food growing sessions encourage and develop awareness of organic methods and composting.  Bangladeshi women and older people as well as families participate growing their own food. Our 5-a-side futsal pitch provides programmes to improve health and well-being for young people as well as generating vital revenue from hiring. We provide respite from over crowded housing in our Early Years drop in and weekend play provision for children.fox

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